LAHORE - Prices of majority of vegetables in Sunday Bazaars continued to remain almost same when compared to the preceding week, however a number of vegetables were missing due to supply constraints and and pricing issue.

The many vegetables were not sold in the weekly makeshift markets due to price differential issue as the vendors claimed that officially fixed rate was much lower than their purchasing price from the mandi so that they either did not bring those vegetables to the makeshift markets or refused to sell it there.

The long standing issue of overcharging also remained intact, as there was no check by the government on it. Prices of fruits were also stable mainly due to smooth supplies into the city markets and their prices were almost same in open market as well as in the weekly makeshift markets.

On this Sunday Cabbage price was fixed at Rs 35 per kg but it was being sold at Rs 40 per kg, while price of cauliflower was fixed at Rs 48 and being sold at Rs 60 per kg. Turnip was fixed at Rs 50 per kg, carrot local at Rs 42 per kg, and carrot china at Rs 73 per kg, radish at Rs 23 to 25 per kg, and methi at Rs 49 to 53 per kg. Lemon Chinese was fixed at Rs60 per kg but was offered by venders at Rs100 per kg.

Potato price was further reduced by Rs 5 per kg, fixed at Rs 54 to 57 per kg and the price of onion was also went down by Rs 5 per kg, fixed at Rs 25 to 27 per kg while price of tomato increased by Rs 7 per kg, fixed at Rs47 per kg, but was available at Rs 50 per kg. Prices of Green chilli was fixed at Rs60 per kg but sold at Rs 100 per kg and price of Tinday was gained by Rs 2 per kg, fixed at Rs 80 per kg, but sold at Rs100 per kg. In the same way, spinach rate was increased by Rs 6 per kg to Rs25 per kg but it was sold at Rs 30 per kg. Ladyfinger price was fixed at Rs41 per kg, but not available while biter gourd price was fixed at Rs46 per kg which was also missing at Sunday bazaars. The rates of different variety of apple were fixed at Rs 33 to 112 per kg while rate of banana A quality was fixed at Rs55 per dozen, and B quality at Rs34 per dozen.