LAHORE - The delegations of supreme audit institutions of Turkey, Iran and Tajikistan have reached Lahore to attend nineteenth 2-day Ecosai Conference. Turkish delegation comprised President of TCA Reeai Akyel, Principal Auditor Yusuf Ziya Ada and Senior Auditor Ahmet Topkaya. The Iranian delegation comprised Senior President Amin Hossain Rahimi, Deputy Senior President Raza Davar PanahAli and head of IR Department Mortaeza Asadi whereas Tajikistan delegation included Chief Auditor Kuehakshoev Akramkhon. The participants of the conference will benefit from modern research at international level in the sector of audit.

The conference is being formally started on October 27.

The delegations visited Lahore Museum and expressed keen interest in the relics of Ghandara art, Muslim art and crafts and paintings. They also appreciated the efforts of the administration of Lahore Museum regarding preservation of ancient cultural heritage. Later, the delegations saw flag lowering ceremony at Wahga border. Speaking at Wahga, audit head of Turkey Reeai Akyel said that this ceremony is unique. He said that Lahore is a historical city and they have received great love here. Audit Head of Tajikistan Kuehahoev Akramkhon described the ceremony as memorable.