Any cricketer who has become the highest century-maker for his country would have achieved the feat due to some special qualities. It may be his approach to the game, unquenchable passion for the game, burning determination to excel and most importantly a lot to do with his character. Younus Khan, who became the highest century maker for Pakistan in the Dubai Test a couple of days ago, is a shining example of these qualities.

It was interesting to listen to Younus’ journey to the top when he spoke about his feelings on breaking the record set by his country’s great batsmen. It also gave a peek into a cricketer who actually deserves a place among the living legends of the game. Every word from him was inspirational and his philosophy is what every youngster should imbibe.

Despite Younus’ enormous talent, he has never been an automatic choice. Younus too admitted that his career has never been easy, but revealed that he has one quality and that is to never give up. His centuries in Dubai are a lesson for all youngsters who may have given up after being ignored by selectors. “I never scored a century against Australia. Had I given up, I would not have achieved this. I got not one but two centuries and even broke the record for maximum centuries,” he said with pride.

He drove home the point that if one is able to go out and play with a positive mind, anyone can achieve glory. Younus was shattered after being ignored for the just concluded One Day International series and had even expressed his anger over that. Understandably, it is the sincerity with which he has played all these years that got him to react badly. And like a true cricketer, when he got his chance he let his bat do the talking.

Australian skipper Michael Clarke, while praising his centuries, expressed surprise at how Younus with such enormous talent has played only 92 Test matches! This statistic clearly reveals how tough it has been for Younus, unlike other countries that treat their world-class batsmen like gems.

Clarke even went on to add that Younus is a gentleman of the game. It’s no wonder that Clarke remarked thus because Younus’ conduct on the field is something that has to be watched. He applauds not only his teammates but even a good stroke from his opponent. When asked about Clarke’s observation, Younus’ response can be a lesson for every budding youngster to take: “I always appreciate anyone who has performed well in a match. I do it because I respect the game.” Younus has proved that sky is the limit for anyone who respects the game.              –Courtesy