Pakistan’s most prominent religious scholars from Wafaq-ul-Madaris-e-Arabia urged the nation in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake to repent for their sins.

10 years have gone by since 2005 Kashmir earthquake, but we as a nation still stand bewildered and mystified. Would someone dare to ask these religious scholars if such is the power of sins that tectonic plates are moved? Such is the power of sins that all corrupt politicians and criminals are still alive but innocent children and people died? Such is the power of sins that casinos in Las Vegas stand tall but houses of poor are wrecked?

The statement by the scholars read; “We are pleased at reports that many people are going to mosques after the earthquake. Organising gatherings for collective repentance is the need of the hour,”

I wonder if it is either an act of divine vengeance or perhaps a natural disaster. There is no other explanation I could conclude. If you believe it is the former, then there is no room for precautionary measures. If you believe it is the latter, then building codes and designs can be improved, construction techniques that are seismic resistant can be introduced and populations can be moved away from fault lines. 

One of the above possibilities can save millions of lives and minimize damages. I will leave it up to you to form an opinion while keeping in mind the consequence. The question remains, are we always going to look towards the religious scholars who have no substantial answers or are we going to take a leap towards forming a progressive society and tackle the problems at hand using research?