Tensions between Pakistan and India are worsening by the day. When the governments are at a deadlock, border officials have refused to honor the ceasefire and addressing the issue at the global forum has failed, one wonders if hope for peace is all but futile? At least two minors were killed during an exchange of fire between Punjab Rangers and Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) across the Working Boundary in Shakargarh sector early Monday, increasing the total number of dead to 14. There silence over cross border killing. Will these poor villagers simply, be written off as ‘collateral damage’ of war?

As if murdering innocent civilians across the border was not enough, a threatening phone call was received from India at the official residence of Governor Sindh Ishratul Ibad Khan, maintaining that the Governor house will be blown up with explosives in Karachi. Although Pakistan summoned India’s deputy ambassador to protest over the phone call, it will hardly bear any fruit as the India side is calling it a hoax. Allegations and counter arguments followed by more accusations will ensue.

No matter how many dossiers are presented, and physical evidence is brought to light of Indian involvement, Indian aggression will continue.

Thus the Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah asked the government on Sunday to work out a plan to prevent Indian “interference” in the country after discussing the matter in parliament, and rightly so. Unprovoked aggression over the border shows that the government is failing to ease the tensions and address the issue head on. Perhaps it should devise a strategy soon before the army is forced to step in and take the reins to protect the sovereignty of the state. If India is taking the initiative of peace as a sign of weakness then perhaps it needs to look more closely, as our armed forces have never been stronger or powerful than they are today.