Murder of a sitting governor by his own security guard was straight-forward an act of terrorism, an act to silence the voices of reason and rationality. Then why the Supreme Court of Pakistan is being hailed as upholder of law and a paramount example of courage and bravery? Because — because the atmosphere of fear and intimidation clamped on Pakistan’ justice system by the die-hard supporters of murderer, Mumtaz Qadri in religious and political circles was overwhelming. Supreme Court could have taken the route of Islamabad High Court which earlier declared him NOT a terrorist.

I salute the Supreme Court judges for standing in the way of mob justice which is being justified even by the top clerics in religious circles. As of now, Mumtaz Qadri, the murderer of then-Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer, has not only been declared a murderer but also a blood-thirsty terrorist; it’s time to look back what could be done to reverse the acts of polarization and disintegration of Pakistani society a military dictator started in 80s.

It’s time to see who were the handlers and brain-washers of Qadri; no doubt those clerics are still working overtime to prepare zombies ready to kill or be killed in the name of religion. It’s time to look why Islamabad High Court, by declaring Qadri not a terrorist, tried to open the gate for releasing of hundreds of convicted religious and sectarian terrorists. How come we have lawyers in our justice system who take pride in garlanding a murderer; ex-judges of Lahore High Court were on the forefront of Qadri’ defense in the Supreme Court — that tells the deep rotting of the justice system.

It’s time to look back on the flaws and gaps in a man-made blasphemy law (earlier enacted in Indian-Subcontinent by the colonial power in 40s and later totally distorted by a military dictator in 80s) —- Aasia bibi and hundreds of inmates are still incarnated in jails on false accusations of blasphemy. Perhaps it’s not end of the judgement, it’s start to end the injustice.


Saudi Arab, October 9.