I am shocked to watch one of your press conference on a T.V channel, which was also reported in the newspapers calling Imran Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Tereek-e-Insaf, a thief, corrupt, traitor and agent of Pakistan enemies. You accused him of colluding with the Jewish and Hindus lobbies which are providing him fund to implement their agenda for Pakistan. I would like to request you that since you are Law Minister, it is your duty to prepare a case against Imran Khan as you have all proof to prove your allegation against him and lodge a case in the court of law, instead of asking him to deny on oath or to take you to the court for leveling false allegation against him. It is the responsibility of federal government to initiate case against state traitor .You should also call explanation of country premier intelligent agency which is allowing a foreign agent to lead a main stream political party in Pakistan. I also want to know on oath what useful contribution ministry of information is making for half the population of Pakistan, living below poverty line spending huge taxpayer money? I must tell you whatever Imran Khan is, he is not corrupt like those politicians who are having huge assets in foreign country and they are not in politics to work for the welfare of common man but to expand their business.


Lahore, October 9.