We, as a nation, have internalised the notion of corruption. It now seems like an integral part of life. It is visible on the streets, in the shops, in shopping malls, in the courts, in public service, in the government. As time passes, corruption is becoming more and more internalised. Take the incident of Panama Leaks for example. Despite clear signs of how some individuals in the government, or otherwise connected to politics, are involved in corruption, there is a lack of action. The issue has been dragged to an extent where it seems like a lost cause. 

PTI, a party that has consistently challenged PMLN and demanded a just inquiry, is labelled as interfering with the running of the state. Where, in reality, the state is only running through corrupt means. The lack of transparency and accountability are the sort of evils that can lead to a revolution initiated by the public. But in our country, the population is kept busy in their mundane lives. When the essential needs of the people, such as food and water, are not being met, who has time for a revolution? Who has time for transparency and accountability? It takes a selfless man to stand up against a corrupt system. 

I hope that the citizens of Pakistan wake up from their sleep state and stand against the corrupt practices of the ruling party. 


Karachi, October 25.