Lahore - While the PTI is trying to bring a million people to federal capital on Nov 2 to mount pressure on the prime minister, Punjab government has decided to practice ‘speed-breaker’ policy to minimise the number of PTI supporters at the Islamabad protest.

Official sources told The Nation that authorities in Punjab won’t stop Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf caravans heading to Islamabad but deny them easy passage and hence slow them down to prevent a rapid build-up.

The DCOs and DPOs would be responsible for slowing down rallies in their jurisdictions and verbal instructions for it could be issued soon, they said. The entry points to the federal capital will be checked so strictly and slowly that even the general commuters will face troubles.

Responding a question that whether government was busy preparing lists of PTI leaders and workers, an officer said that it was a usual practice. Every sitting government uses its agencies to prepare reports and estimates of the people expected to participate in the rallies, he added.

The officials refused to confirm if political teams will be planted with the official support to frustrate the PTI plans. However, they rejected the perception that PTI workers would be locked up or their leaders put to house arrest.

The government won’t be able to stop PTI from shutting down Islamabad if they succeeded flooding the Lahore-Islamabad GT Road.

Both sides - the PTI and the federal as well as provincial governments - are reviewing their plans and counter-plans to for their respective success.

Giving the success of PTI show at Raiwind, the government agencies fear the opposition party could gather enough number of people to block Islamabad and render the government paralysed.

An officer, who was on a very important position at the time of long march for the deposed CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, said the then government had decided to stop the rally in Lahore. “But the plan failed as the number of people in the rally was much more than the agencies had estimated” he added.

He said that the Punjab government would have to play the main role if the federal government wants to thin PTI gathering.

On the other hand, it was confirmed that the federal government has summoned over 10,000 police personnel from Punjab.