In Karachi, problems regarding trash and garbage have reached unprecedented heights. I just came back from Dubai a few weeks ago, and as soon as I landed here, I realised that we were living in an open-air dump. Unfortunately, the situation is getting worse with each passing day. 

The problem is not only limited to the streets, it has colonised our mentality as well. We, as residents of Karachi, have internalised the idea that trash is meant to be thrown on the streets. 

The other day, when I was having a meal at McDonalds on Tariq Road, I realised that there was no trash can in sight. McDonalds usually adheres to cleanliness, but this particular one was clearly not. This is the status of a renowned international chain. 

I started to notice a similar situation in other commercial outlets. No shops, restaurants, or other establishments had kept any trash cans for their customers. 

I hope this letter can lead to appropriate measures being taken in regards to cleanliness. 


Karachi, September 28.