Water resources have taken a backseat in regards to the PM’s agenda. Time and again, people have written about the lack of water in our reservoirs, but the government fails to take notice. WAPDA, which has always shown priority to water over power, has also taken a u-turn. People can live without power, but cannot survive without food and water. The inaction regarding water reservoirs can lead to a serious water crisis, if not managed properly and quickly.

The chairman of WAPDA also saw no other option but to resign, for supporting the Kalabagh project. The government, as usual, remained oblivious to the water problem. Kalabagh remains an unrealised yet crucial project, which has never seen completion due to the fear of provincial disharmony. Without putting our resources to proper use for the benefit of all, what will we do with provincial harmony? Now that India has also threatened to stop the water supply to Pakistan, the government must realise the urgency of this problem.


Lahore, September 30.