KAMALIA - Terrorism in Pakistan has become a major and highly destructive phenomenon in the aftermath of American attack on Afghanistan, but sagacious and bold policies of the present government have scaled it down up to 90 percent, which is visible on the ground.

Punjab Anti-Terrorism Minister Lt-Col (r) Sardar Muhammad Ayub Gadhi stated during media talk at the residence of Saleem Ilahi Gujjar the other day. The provincial minister had come to offer condolence to Saleem Ilahi Gujjar on the death of his mother.

Lt-Col (r) Gadhi asserted that National Action Plan is being implemented in letter and spirit in Punjab. “Safe City Project has been initiated while separate Ministry of Anti-Terrorism has been constituted, which stand testimony to the Punjab government resolve to utilise all-out resources for the elimination of the menace of terrorism from the province and country,” he pointed out.

He regretted that Pakistan has been suffering greatly from unrest in Afghanistan as Pakistan was relatively a peaceful country. “The countries that caused all the terrorism and casualties in the region, wish us to do all the dirty work and remain spectators themselves in this most complicated war, which is more than apathy,” he commented.

The provincial minister alleged that some countries blame Pakistan for their failure in Afghanistan for the sole purpose of bringing Pakistan under pressure. “We must make our country and its people safe under any circumstance and we shall continue to do so in future,” he pledged.

Answering a question, he said that unfortunately, the Army is separated from the government, which in fact, is very much part of the government, adding that the statement of the Army Chief represents the people and the government of Pakistan. To a query about differences between the Sharif brothers, Mr Gadhi ruled out there is any difference within the Sharif family at all.

“The elder and the younger brothers might have differences in their way of thinking but there is no actual rift between the two brothers,” he explained.