DUBAI -  Chairman All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf has said that there is no chances of either Martial Law or mid-term polls but a national government could be formed.

While addressing the newly elected office-bearers of his party in Dubai on Thursday, Pervez Musharraf said that Pakistani politics at the moment revolving around ethnic, racial and lingual basis that is damaging for national interests while we want to establish APML on national level across the country representing every Pakistani.

He said that in Karachi there is a greater political vacuum that we will fill with a political alliance and Karachi is the best place for such an alliance as Pakistanis from every nook & and corner of the country reside here.

APML will form a political alliance in Karachi that will be above from all kinds of lingual, ethnic and racial discriminations, he added.

Musharraf who was heading a meeting of the newly elected office-bearers of APML after its Intra-Party elections expressed satisfaction over the election process and congratulated the elected members. He directed workers to honour chain-of-command in the party.

He directed party workers to strengthen party structure in all the regions and districts and organise public meetings to convey party message to the public.

Commenting about the political landscape of the country, Musharraf said that there are three scenarios at the moment.

One,to dissolve the incumbent government and announce fresh elections. Second to form a national government and third to impose a Martial Law that is neither imminent nor possible in this entire situation, he added.

The second scenario however is feasible, he said.

He said that if a national government is formed out the present lot of political parties, it will give no benefit to the country.

He suggested that the national government should be formed with the participation of technocrats in this govt.