MULTAN - Central leader of PTI Asad Umar has said that the government should announce new elections in view of prevailing situation in the country.

“Rulers should not be afraid of holding new elections if they have delivered to the masses.”

Addressing a news conference here at the residence of MNA Aamir Dogar on Thursday, Asad Umar criticised that the economy and all other sectors are in a very poor state and new polls should be held without spoiling any further time. He anticipated that the PTI could form an allied government with the help of like-minded political parties after elections. He said that creation of South Punjab and other new smaller provinces is part of PTI’s manifesto. “No party should do politics on the issue of new provinces. These provinces should be created on administrative grounds with the consultation of all,” he added.  He claimed that over 80 percent of PML-N members of parliament did not agree with Nawaz Sharif’s politics of confrontation. 

He said that the differences existed in the ranks of all parties, adding that whatever the scale of differences is between Shah Mehmood and Jahangir Tareen, yet both of them are acceptable to the workers. He said that Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen are undergoing accountability process. “It is our demand that an across the board accountability of everyone should be done to dispel the impression that only Nawaz Sharif is facing accountability,” he stressed.

He claimed that Prime Minister Khaqan Abbasi still considers a disqualified person as the Prime Minister while finance minister attended court hearings. “It has resulted into the worst ever economic crisis which can jeopardise national security,” he warned. He said that Imran Khan did not take support of any Qatari letter, children or parents, instead he faced all courts. He said that the past of the Sharif family was evident that they fled accountability after tendering apologies and took refuge in Jeddah.

He said that the doors of PTI are open to all those who agreed with the philosophy of PTI. “But the decision of tickets will be made on merit,” he declared. He said that the PTI has reservations on election commission as they failed to hold transparent elections.

He said that a backdoor had opened after the decision on Ayesha Gullalai case. “But PML-N guys are more worried than us,” he added. Answering a question, he said that an economic emergency should be declared forthwith. He added that the South Punjab region had the highest ratio of unemployment and therefore special economic zones should be established here. He pointed out that the Punjab government intended to establish two economic zones in upper Punjab under CPEC but South Punjab was neglected.

He said that the MQM would have to join mainstream if they wanted to do politics. He declared that anyone, who talked about traitor Altaf Hussain, would ruin his own politics.