LAHORE -  PTI Chairman Imran Khan has announced that intra-party elections in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will be held after the general elections.

Imran Khan made this announcement while addressing a national membership convention at Aiwan-e-Iqbal on Thursday.

On this occasion, he launched membership campaign in Lahore, saying the campaign will be widened across Punjab and then in other provinces after completion of the process in the provincial capital. He asked party workers to establish camps at different spots to bring more and more people in party fold.

The PTI has introduced a digital membership card possessing basic details of the members. The price of the card will be Rs50.

Imran said every PTI member will be able to express online opinion on party matters and party could also access members to get their views on various issues after completion of digital membership process. A new PTI website has been launched for the purpose.

He also said the party tickets will be given on members’ suggestions. He said that he will also be able to communicate with party workers through membership cards.

On the occasion, he presented three point agenda for his vision of new Pakistan. Stressing on the first point, he stated that the corrupt governments had always made policies in favour of the rich while blatantly ignoring the poor which has increased the gap between the two classes.

“China saved 700 million of its people from poverty through effective measurements and we will follow suit and save 100 million of our own who are suffering from poverty,” said Khan while referring to China’s economic policy. He said policies will be made in favour of poor once his party came in power.

Elaborating second point, he announced that PTI government will primarily struggle to make education available to all and will provide employment opportunities to the unemployed youth of the country.

He condemned the tax evasive tactics and “corruption of the current government” and that Nawaz Sharif only paid Rs6,000 tax six years ago while no one even knew if Zardari paid any tax at all.

About third point, he said that PTI government will ensure judicial and economic justice to the citizens of Pakistan unlike the current times where every Pakistani was unjustly indebted with Rs120,000 and stricken with huge amount of taxes.