It is very painful to see the country sail on a sinking ship. Every segment / department of the government is deficient in its performance. The judges instead of disponing justice seem more focused on stricture against their colleagues and giving expert opinions on things they have clue about. The lawyers instead of sincerely fighting the cases of their clients are busy locking up judges in their chambers and flexing their muscle, acting like goons. The police are busy serving the politicians and powerful to please them to gain personal career related favors than protecting the lives and property of ordinary citizens. The government as a whole is busy in marginalizing the opposition and taking personal vendetta than making laws for betterment of people.

Opposition is busy using regional and ethnic cards to push back the government than pressuring it to make laws. The economy of the country is under blight stars but the govt and oppositions members change barbs instead of creating unity. Peoples problems are not on the agenda of government or the opposition. Seventy-two years have passed and we as nation learnt nothing from our past mistakes and still follow the path of destruction. Our politicians ought to realize that without one’s own country there can neither be government nor opposition. Unfortunately, after loss of Mr. Jinnah, and to some extent Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan and Mr Bhutto, there is scarcity of true leaders who can foresee shadow of coming events and take measures to avert any unpleasant event to happen rather than start chest thumping after it has happened.