ISLAMABAD     -   Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Director Hostels Malik Imtiaz Hussain’s 38-year long illustrious career ended on Saturday.

The Pakistani sports community will always remember Imtiaz as a true sports lover, humble human being and caring person for all male and female athletes, as he had dedicated his entire life for the well-being of the athletes and coaches of the country. Whenever Pakistan sports’ history would be written, it would never be completed without the matchless services rendered by Imtiaz, who had worked 14 hours a day, seven days a week, 30 days a month and 365 days a year. Whenever the PSB, athletes and coaches were in trouble, they used to seek help from Imtiaz, who was also called as Chacha G by his many followers.

There were very touching scenes witnessed in the farewell ceremony of Imtiaz, as Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani, former DG Arif Ibrahim, high-ranked officials, athletes, his staff members and others were full of praise for his outstanding services. In his message, former IPC Minister Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada lauded Imtiaz’s services, termed him as a true professional and wished him best of luck for his future endeavours. Pirzada said: “PSB, athletes and others will definitely miss Imtiaz and his smiling face. Whether it is 7:00am in the morning or 3:00am in the midnight, there used to be only one voice of Imtiaz, who was always ready to solve all the minor and major problems of the athletes and employees. He used to help his subordinates and struggle for junior staff members.”

While sharing his views, the IPC Secretary paid tribute to Imtiaz and termed him as a role model for all the officers, junior staff members and athletes. He said: “He was dedicated, motivated and passionate to complete his tasks. I have rarely seen persons like Imtiaz in my long career, who always take their tasks as religion. He was well-connected with all the players, athletes, officials and federations. He enjoyed good reputation all over the world due to his unblemished track record. His name will be written in golden words. We want to give him extension, but the rules do not permit us for that. We will continue to take benefits from Imtiaz’s skills, especially during camps and coordination. He will visit the PSB on regular basis. I am sure that he will continue to help the athletes and country. I wish him best of luck.”

When this scribe met with Imtiaz and asked him to share his experiences and regrets, Malik replied: “Firstly I want to thank every person, who supported me for so long.

  am leaving with a heavy heart, as it was my home. I never took benefit of even a single penny, as I never toured aboard or even in the country. I believe the country is blessed with genuine talent, who can win laurels at any given stage. The athletes only need camps and proper training. The IPC Ministry and PSB must provide top class foreign coaches to volleyball, weightlifting, athletics, boxing, martial arts and other federations, who are working for the national cause. The PSB must also start training camps for the upcoming mega events. The federations must contact private sector organisations for sponsorship, rather than relying and depending solely on government.”

“I am ready to serve Pakistan sports in any capacity and my services are available to the IPC and PSB. I want to thank IPC Minister Dr Fehmida Mirza, all former and present DGs, fellow officers and my staff members. I am leaving with good reputation, as I worked hard for the national cause without thinking about personal glories,” Imtiaz concluded.