PM Modi has been the byproduct of hard core militancy monitored by RSS, his mindset is tuned to war and terror so we should not expect any move of peace from his side.

Indian former PMs used to believe in the Cold War doctrine while PM Modi being exceptional has enhanced 5th warfare generation. In order to promote his 5th generation warfare agenda, he has taken following initial steps;

1. Conversion of Kashmir issue into an even more complex issue by scraping its legal status through abrogation of article 370 & 35A.

2. Violation of Indus Water Treaty in a bid to grab control over Pakistan’s share of water. PM Modi does not only want Pakistan’s side of river to go dry but also to hit its agricultural sector directly.

3. He took steps to pull our economy down by lodging a false complaint against Pakistan in FATF with the help USA.

4. He has constantly been trying to destabilize Pakistan through its intelligence agencies which play dirty tricks against our country by planting seeds of terrorism through anti-Pakistan elements on our soil.

5. Doing propaganda against Pakistan, painting it as a terrorist state.

6. He keeps trying to block the development in Pakistan through CPEC.

India has also been mercilessly comiting brutalities in Kashmir as it is the 78th day of curfew in IHK which was imposed by Indian Interior Minister Amit Singh who is likely to replace Modi as next rising leader of BJP that might become the next Prime Minister as well.

The Indian government under PM Modi was too scared of Kashmiris before snatching their right of special status that they had already started taking the following measures in Kashmir:

1. Blocked internet and telephone services

2. Ousted beforehand the local and International media persons

3. Sealed the valley

4. Increased the number of Indian troops

5. Increased its own lobbing to counter the reaction in defense of international opinion for Kashmir

In fact India divided the Kashmir operation into three phases:

In Phase 1, Pulwama plot was created as PM Modi engineered the Pulwama attack himself to win election and also projected bad name to the Kashmiris.

Phase 2: PM Modi rigged elections as per the agreement between himself and RSS – as a part of election manifesto, Modi announced his plan on Kashmir and did exactly the same during phase 2 after winning the elections.

Phase 3. After scraping the status he propagated the change as part of Indian constitution hence propagated this change as its internal affairs of India that he is still advocating in the whole world.

Phase 4 – He worked out the strategy to contain Pakistan in the given situation as it is the main stake holder of Kashmir with India. He knew it well that Pakistan would never stop its moral support of Kashmiris and Pakistan’s opposition over this matter was rightly expected. Hence during the 4th phase of his plan he made sure India continues to increase pressure on Loc in order to engage Pakistan on the borders so that it would talk more on LOC rather than Kashmir issue.

India has deliberately disrupted the LOC to engross the attention from Kashmir issue which can be proved by looking into the statistics of human rights violations in Kashmir from year 2017-2019.

Now if we analyze, it would appear as to be true that India is killing civilians on the LoC and making false claims under the policy of PM Modi who is behaving more a like film actor than a statesman. In fact Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been consistently acting like a Bollywood actor as previously as well he did the drama of fake surgical strikes at Loc. PM Modi used this tactic of fake surgical strike during his election campaign to attract the attention of voters by engineering Pulwama attack and eventually blaming it on Pakistan. Even the media in his country is no less as the aired the news of these imaginary surgical strikes in complete Bollywood style. These immature attitudes of Modi as statesman and the irresponsible media working at his payroll are bringing bad name to India.

Prime Minister Modi should behave like a real statesman and come out of this fake surgical strike illusion. He is only trying to impress his opponents by doing so as surgical strike on Pakistan could only happen in his wild imagination. PM Modi is converting a secular India into an extremist state rapidly by extending full support to Indian terrorist organization RSS which is expanding from Nagaland to East Punjab in India. I appeal to the Indian opposition parties to stand against Narendra Modi to block his agenda of converting India into an extremist state. I would like to continue to expose the RSS and Modi’s mindset against Pakistan, India has had a history of false and persistent motivated flag operations.

In few of the above facts, it looks as if Pakistan is on purpose being engaged on LOC to divert its attention from Kashmir issue.

The public is noticing the government has soft approach towards Kashmir as India is continuously violating the cease fire on LOC yet it is doing nothing about it.

The government should have brought the section of ceasefire violation of the Truce agreement 1949 in to light which was designed by the United Nations Commission on India and Pakistan constituted by UNGA as according to this agreement both countries have signed the following declarations:-

Para B: The delegation of India and Pakistan, duly authorized have reached the following agreement:

(1) “Under the provisions of Part I of the Resolution of 13 August 1948, and as a complement of the suspension of hostilities in the State of Jammu and Kashmir on 1 January 1949, a cease-fire line is established”.

Para F: ….There shall be no increase of forces or strengthening of defenses in areas where no major adjustments are involved by the determination of the cease-fire line.

India has violated these sections hence Pakistan needs to file a serious complaint against and claim damages which would be a perfect legal proceeding.

India has to be brought to international level taking into consideration the following actions:

A: Drag PM Modi to the ICC court under Rome Convention for being involved in ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India.

B- Lobby in the UNGA for announcement of date for self-determination.

C. Make out a case for investigation by UNGA to ascertain the delay in implementation of self-determination.

D: File lawsuit against India for

carrying out terrorist activities on

Pakistani soil.