Some one rightly said “world of international politics is a lucrative battle ground for born orators. And a safe heaven for barristers, good at juggling with words.”

Where as to a large number of punters, who basically believe in nationalism at all costs, it was a masterpiece of advocacy of Islamic cause. From the beginning to end, he made alive ( in his speech at least), the dead idea of a united world of islam. Which basically lost its cause after the oil embargo of 1973. I as admirer of his persistent nature, and naivety of his style of handling national and international issues both, would admit it was whole hearted effort to ruin Modi’s party of prosperity through Arab petrodollars .

Far too early to say it was a success or a failure, it is quite predictable that India, will, some how, have to search for answers to Imran’s outrageous fierce criticism of Modi’s image as a Prime Minister of one of the largest democracies of the world! What India has at stake now, is not Kashmir, but the huge economic investments they expect from many lucrative, politically weak, and economically blind states of the world.

Kashmir, to the international audience, is not an issue. For them, it will not fetch them money or macro economics which to them is of paramount importance. Months to come will depict the investment they plan in India, whether it was a viable option, or a unforeseen loss they jumped into. Different monarchs will soon realise that billions of business investments, at least on paper at the moment, will fetch them rude profits or not ?

Imran, in more than one way, failed to attract huge amount of foreign investment in his country. He made it sure that the bread he was trying to earn for his people, will not be stolen by his 1.2 billion hungry hounds next door! His speech, as it was directed towards Kashmir and Modi, was equally a firing squad, targeting huge investments some Arab countries have promised in India. If the investment stops, in months to come, his emotional fiery speech will have done wonders. But that is unlikely to happen. The short sightedness of Modi in dealing with Kashmir must have opened his eyes by now that he can’t win in Kashmir. He can not continue curfew for ever. And the losses from Imran’s speech are massive to his character in person, to his economic “phobia of India as a growing super power” and challenges he will face from the “covert” subversion of ISI which will leave no stone unturned to destabilise Modi. He has opened far too many fronts at the same time. And the most dangerous one is Kashmir and economic instability!

The greatest folly at both ends, Pakistan and India, is to hope and expect the super powers like USA, China Russia to involve in their territorial disputes which are of least interest to them for many reasons!

USA stuck and drowning in Afghan war (which they have already lost ). US has a phobia of Iran which is not bulging an inch from its aggression towards USA, in spite of its military in equations as compared to USA. Iran is playing smart and thus is helping Pakistan as USA wants Pakistan to mediate between them and Iran. USA needs Pakistan in Afghanistan. Extradition of India from Afghanistan politics and policies is huge blow to Indian politics and economy. Russia, Mr Putin have not forgotten their defeat in Afghanistan in 1980’s at the hands of US. It’s time for pay back for them and return what it owes to US. China is playing the smartest. It’s silence and selected few words in Pakistan-India conflict is its answer to the world. USA is heavily under financial debt to China and in no position what so ever to involve itself in any conflict. Hence the ground is level for Pakistan to try impossible task of Islamic unity.

The results of Imran’s speech are very obvious. Curfew will be lifted in Kashmir, status quo of this being disputed territory will continue. There will be no war, at least in the near future. What will result, in the months to come, the Indian diplomatic battle for restoration of its lost image as a democratic country. And the blows to its ever sinking drowning economy. So Mr Khan has taken his revenge of Economic Hitmans catastrophic carnage he left in Pakistan. In the end politics of poverty and plunder will continue to haunt Pakistan for a very long time!