ISLAMABAD-Begum Governor Sindh Reema Imran attended a fund raising event at the Buraq Centre as part of breast cancer awareness. 

She was joined by the task force of First Lady SaminaAlvi’s Breast Cancer Awareness Task Force, who collaborated with the event, along with Dawood Global Foundation, Canada Pakistan Business Council, and Pink Ribbon.

This event’s purpose was to not only raise awareness about breast cancer but to emphasize the importance of preventive measures and receiving checkups to stay healthy and safe.  

The evening featured a keynote by Asma Nabeel, member of the ladies fund community and who is currently struggling with breast cancer. She spoke about the power of pain.  Former Governor Sindh Kamal Azfar spoke about the importance of men to support women in getting early detection and through any health journey, and Pink Ribbon Karachi chapter Chair Mehnaz Karamat and Board Member SimeenTapal spoke on their vision for building the first breast cancer hospital in Pakistan and the importance of early detection.