The above statement by William Shakespeare mirrors human wisdom. Man is loquacious by nature but his talk should be useful. Pedants cry a wolf. Some stupid fellows exploit their tongues. These people who harp on something appear to have a tiny wit. Useless gabbing can taint one’s image in his ambients. His idle talk may be obnoxious for others. A pedant never realises that he washes his own linen in public. One should hold his tongue in check.

One must prioritize succinct talk. A silent individual gains a lot. He is always considered to be a man of letters. Silence increases his observation skill. Solitude is a great teacher of man. It imparts many virtues to men such as patience and consistency. As Rumi has said, “Listen to silence, it has much to say.” Hence, precise talks and quietude enhance man’s wit. One can differ with other opinions logically and courteously while sitting in any intellectual meeting.