KARACHI   -  Central leader of PTI Haleem Adil Shaikh has taken strong exception to speeches made by opposition leaders during a public meeting organised by opposition parties at Quetta on Sunday evening. In a statement issued on Monday, he said the people who themselves held no respect for democratic norms and having turned their respective “so-called” political parties into dynasties had the audacity to claim themselves as supporters of democracy in the country. “Factually their movement is ‘Papa Daddy Bachao Movement’ as having realised that elder members of their respective families can no more avoid being brought to task for their corruption and looting national wealth. They were now trying to protect them under garb of supremacy of democratic norms,” said MPA Haleem Adil Shaikh. He further alleged that for the sake of their personal interest, the PDM advocates had resorted to anti-state stance, questioning relevance of institutions and compromising national interest. Elaborating his stance, he referred to objectionable speeches during last three meetings of PDM and regretted that none present on the occasion tried to stop or challenge the figures trying to create fissures among citizens of the country.  “It has thus been established that the opposition parties are not for constructive criticism that may be beneficial for the country and its people but to create chaos,” alleged the PTI leader. According to him, presence of land grabbers, drug barons and those involved in illegal sale/smuggling of weapons in these meeting strengthen the belief that their main financiers are criminal elements with their ulterior motives.