Lahore    -  Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Pervaiz Elahi has urged all Islamic countries including Pakistan to announce diplomatic boycott of France for its move to support the profane caricatures of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him).

“The Muslim can never tolerate blasphemy in respect of Khatam-un-Nabiyeen Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him ). 

The French President should not play with the sentiments of the Muslims otherwise he will have to face grave consequences”, he warned while talking to members of Supreme Court Bar Association.  

He also demanded that an emergency session of OIC should immediately be convened and practical steps should be taken instead of mere verbal utterances.

Ch Parvaiz Elahi said that blasphemous sketches were an insult to the Islamic world. 

He said the statement of the French President was tantamount to providing an opportunity to the extremists to play with religious sentiments of the Muslims.

He further stated that with the advent  of Khatam-un-Nabiyeen Hazrat Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him ) in the world darkness of ignorance was eliminated. “Those spreading religious hatred are responsible for promoting Satanism, Islamic world will have to reach consensus on one point”, he said, adding that no religion including Islam should be insulted.

He said that extremism will destroy the world peace. He urged that the torch-bearers organizations of humanity should play their role to stop such acts of hatred. 

Ch Parvaiz Elahi demanded  that blasphemous sketches should immediately be removed from all places including buildings and social media and in future there should be a complete ban on such publications.

 Earlier, candidates for the slots of President Abdul Latif Afridi and as Secretary Ahmad Shehzad Farooq of Supreme Court Bar Association called on the Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Parvaiz Elahi and Senator Kamil Ali Agha here on Monday.

Ch Parvaiz Elahi announced support for the President and the Secretary in the election of the Supreme Court Bar. 

On this occasion, Supreme Court Bar members Tahir Nasarullah Warraich, Jahangir A. Jhoja, Amir Saeed Raan, Rai Ashfaq Kharal, Abdul Hameed, Ch Ishaq Gujjar, Asif Nadeem and Rai Iqrar Kharal advocates and others were also present.