ISLAMABAD    -   Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Chairman Dr Qibla Ayaz has said it is unfortunate that the French president is actively involved in Islamophobia.

“Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken up the issue of Islamophobia at UNGA and at other international forums as well,” he recalled.

There are certain elements in western countries that are against Islam, Radio Pakistan reported on Monday.

Qibla said PM Imran Khan had time again warned the world that acts motivated by Islamophobia could result in strong reactions from Muslims as these hurt the emotions of Muslim Ummah across the world. 

He said we have example of New Zealand that expressed sympathies with its Muslim community after the tragic incident of shooting at a mosque. Even some renowned scholars in the western countries also talked against Islamophobia. 

Dr.Qibla Ayaz said the powerful people in Muslim countries including Tayyip Erdogan, 

Dr. Mahathir Muhammad and PM Imran Khan should work together to overcome Islamophobia, adding he had strongly believe that their efforts will yield positive results.