The situation on the Union State of Russia and Belarus' border with NATO remains tense, as the alliance keeps increasing its military presence there, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday, assuring that the Russian military prioritizes Union State security.

"The situation on the western borders of the Union State remains uneasy, as NATO continues expanding its forward presence there," Shoigu told the Russian and Belarusian military.

"In light of the emerging military and political situation in the region, and new challenges and threats, chiefly related to the international terrorism, the Russian Defense Ministry sees guaranteeing the military security of the Union State as a priority task," Shoigu added, pointing to the intensity of NATO military drills.

Belarusian Defenсe Minister Viktor Khrenin noted that countries bordering Belarus were boosting their participation in NATO military exercises, and the presence of the US army was also growing there.

"In the past years, NATO rotation group in the countries bordering Belarus has increased by over 17 times, reaching 10,000 servicemen," Khrenin recalled.

On Situation in Belarus

The failed "colour revolution" in Belarus, staged with Western support, was supposed to disrupt the integration within the Union State and affect the country's relations with Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday.

"Just recently, an attempt was made to stage a coup in the Republic of Belarus, with the political and financial support of the West. Apart from other things, this was done in order to disrupt the integration process within the Union State and to sow discord within the Russian-Belarusian relations," Shoigu told the defence ministries of Russia and Belarus.

Shoigu noted that he and his Belarusian counterpart, Viktor Khrenin, "resolutely condemned these actions", slamming interference as inadmissible. 

The Russian defence minister expressed the belief that the United States was intentionally instigating tensions in several countries, using the "colour revolution" technology.

"The Republic of Belarus has been and remains our closest neighbour, a reliable ally and a strategic partner. This is especially important amid the continuing global instability," Shoigu concluded.

Russia's Su-27 Intercepts German Patrol Aircraft and US Spy Plane Over Baltic Sea, MoD Says

Last week, the Russian Defence Ministry stated that Russian fighters had intercepted two strategic bombers of the US Air Force over the Bering Sea.

The Russian Defence Ministry issued a statement on Monday saying that one of its Su-27 had intercepted a German patrol aircraft and a US spy plane over the Baltic Sea.

Earlier in the day, the Estonian Defence Forces stated that Eurofighter Typhoon jets belonging to the German Air Force will fly this week in the skies over Estonia under the cover of darkness.

“Flight operations in Estonian airspace will last from Monday to Friday [in the dark] until 21:00 [19:00 GMT],” the press office for the defence forces said in a statement.

Flights are carried out on the basis of agreements between NATO countries in specially designated areas.

The Baltic countries do not have aircraft suitable for air patrolling, therefore, since the country’s 2004 ascension into NATO, aircraft of the Alliance countries have been rotating airspace protection at the Amari airbase. 

At the 2012 NATO summit in Chicago, the mission was extended indefinitely.

NATO aircraft have intensified reconnaissance activities near the Russian border over the past month. Moscow has warned that such regular flights by US and NATO aircraft near Russia's border poses the risk of accidental escalation.