LAHORE - The PIA and Saudi airlines, operating from Pakistan, in apparent show of monopolisation, have agreed to charge uniform higher fares, thereby forming a short of cartel while the watchdog - Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) unmoved over the unholy marriage, aggravating the sufferings of passengers, The Nation learnt on Saturday. Sources in the Pakistan International Airline, said that these airlines charge ranging from Rs10,000 to Rs15,000 more than other competitors like Emirates, Etihad etc which operate via their hubs to Jeddah and Madina. The show of monopoly becomes more pronounced during the Umra and Haj seasons. This is in violation of the very basis for which PIA was created by the Govt Of Pakistan, which was to provide an affordable and reliable mode of air transport for Pakistani citizens. The Federal government has injected over Rs100 billion in cash subsidies in past three years to bail out PIA, but mismanagement and pilferages has resulted in mounting losses. A travel agency with focus on Umra passengers said this behaviour is unbecoming of a national airline owned by the taxpayers of Pakistan. Airlines based in the Gulf have captured the large passenger traffic composed of Pakistani Muslims eager to perform pilgrimage by competitive marketing. PIA Umra operation this year has been the leanest in last 20 years. It is the responsibility of the government to protect the interest of Pakistani passengers, which it has miserably failed. Travel agency sources state that usually members of National Assembly and Senate would take notice of such irregularities, however they are muted on this serious issue. Perhaps the issuance of special travel cards for members of the Senate and NA and their families by PIA may have led them to go soft on PIA. The airline with losses of over Rs143 Billion has had declining revenues in Dollar value, although over 70% of PIAs revenues are generated overseas in hard foreign currency. Spokesman of PIA said, The reason behind more fare is that both airlines were providing direct flights while other airlines are operating transit flights on the same route. He said that PIA has fixed its fare for Saudi Arabia as parallel to Saudi Airlines.