NEW YORK (APP) - The US administration wants to build civilian law enforcement capacity of Pakistan and a senior American adviser on counter terrorism will travel to the country in a fortnight to hold discussions towards that end, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Saturday. Richard Gorgain, adviser on terrorism to President Barack Obama, also had a meeting with Rehman Malik in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly and discussed issues related to counter terrorism. The Pakistani officials also discussed cooperation with special representative Richard Holbrooke on building capacity of civilian law enforcement. If civilian law enforcement was better trained and equipped, the Taliban would not have created trouble in Swat, Malik said, citing the importance of civilian law enforcement capacity building in the fight against terrorism. The major economic powers, who attended the Friends of Democratic Pakistan also voiced their support for improving civilian law enforcement. According to the Malik, the government has started a de-radicalisation programme as it wants to treat elements who had been indoctrinated by militants. On madrassa reforms, he said, these would be mainstreamed under a regulatory authority. The Interior Minister said Pakistan has broken the back of the militants in Swat and applauded the Pakistani armed forces for flushing out extremists, who made life difficult for the people of Swat. We want to save Pakistan, make it terrorism free - and flush the undesirable elements out of the country, he added.