Congratulations on Eid and congratulations too that we are a sovereign state no more. Weve these deathly drone machines flying all over the country killing our countrymen as they please. If that doesnt bother you, there is the news of NATO bomber planes violating our airspace. Beware that the security of our homeland is at stake. The American security agency Blackwater (now called Xe-Worldwide), special troops and Embassy Extension &Land Reserves are all here. Meanwhile, our people are dying in stampedes, or selling their wives & children, bearing savage baton charge, being slapped around by their own ministers with comments like if they were literate, they would not be in these queues. Water, electricity and other basic necessities are simply not there in many parts of the country. People are falling below the poverty line in droves everyday. Looters are being given protection and the government stands by the side of cartel operators who are robbing the poor blind. -RAQIM HAQUE, Lahore, September 25.