ISLAMABAD - Bari Imam Road, leading to Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU), is in dilapidated condition, while seeping water from the water supply lines on both sides of the road is worsening the situation but the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is least interested to repair it. Bari Imam Road (university Road) has not been repaired or reconstructed for many years by the civic authority and the ramshackle road with deep pits are causing inconvenience for the motorists as well as pedestrians. In addition to that, the seeping water along both sides of the road have turned the road into a pool of water, as the pits as well as craters on the road are remained filled with water and could also become a cause of some mishap any time. It is pertinent to mention here that it is the only road that links QAU with the federal capital, which is the largest public sector university in the city. Students, faculty members, administrative and other working staff of the university have to face great distress using the road. Encroachments are on the rise along the road, which have narrowed it for the general traffic. Professional cooks, who provide cooked rice and other food items to the visitors to Bari Imam shrine, have encroached the road. Whenever a person visits that place, he will see signboards of professional cooks like Lajpal Deg House, Johlalal Deg House, Hazrat Bari Imam Deg House or Hazara Deg House here and there along the road. The visitors of the shrine used to purchase cooked foodstuff from these shops to distribute it to the needy as part of the tradition of the people of sub-continent. These cuisine shops have made the road filthy and muddy as owners of these shops use wood for cooking purpose and piles of ashes can be seen along the said road. Akhtar Hussain, a vegetable shopkeeper, commented that the seepage of water from pipelines was because of the reason that residents of that area had got illegal water connections from those lines, which had damaged those badly. Khalid, a resident of that area, said that all the shops and houses of the area had been encroached by the people for many years as the real owner of the land was CDA. It was not a difficult job to encroach some place in that area as some one could easily encroach some piece of land after paying some money as a bribe to the CDA officials, he added. Maryam, a masters student of QAU, complained that it was very troublesome experience for herself to drive her car on that road which had become a pond of water. It was due to the reason that she opted to travel through university bus instead of her own car, she commented. Zohaib, another student of basic sciences of the university, said that whenever some one visited the institution, that dilapidated road would welcome him/her. He further said that foreign students, scholars and diplomats often visited the university and what image would they develop in their minds about the capital that had to travel through that road? This scribe contacted several times to Directorate of Roads (North), Directorate of Roads Maintenance (Bari Imam Division) and specially Ayaz Khan, Deputy Director Roads Maintenance of CDA but no official concerned of the authority was available for comments.