His Holiness Pope Benedict has prayed for the six Italian soldiers recently killed in Afghanistan. The Italian contingent to support the US and UK in their war of occupation in Afghanistan consists of only fifty soldiers. Out of these fifty, six have lost their lives. I am with His Holiness in praying for their departed souls but may I suggest that he should also pray for innumerable Afghan men, women and children who lost their lives. They might not have been as precious a lot of humans as the compatriots of the Holy Father but they were humans nevertheless. In the last drone attack on Afghanistan, two fathers lost their sons that were about the same age as these Italian soldiers. The old men scavenged the debris to claim bits and pieces of flesh of their sons. Revered Holy Father Your soldiers were in foreign land as occupiers but the Afghan farmers who lost their sons were in their own land. Please pray for them for they were innocent. -MAJ (Rtd) Zahid Salam, Rawalpindi, September 25.