The phenomenon of endless violence and suicide bombings along the length and breadth of the country needs to be examined more closely. On Saturday, the cities of Peshawar and Bannu were rocked by suicide bombings that claimed a number of innocent lives and wounded many others. At least 16 persons died and over 100 have been wounded. The sites of blasts Fahri Alam road in Saddar area of Peshawar and a police station in Bannu were chaotic to say the least. It is, therefore, imperative that we think over the terrorism issue deeply and in a new light. We might have contained the terrorist activity to a very great extent. But as these suicide missions show, the use of force has its limitations. Beyond a certain point it not only fails to subdue the militants, it becomes counterproductive. The drone attacks, for instance, are a case in point. If the country is to be rid of terrorists and suicide bombers, the mindsets will have to change. Its a struggle that should be more about winning hearts and minds and much less about the use of force alone.