Instead of all these conspiracy theories, the realistic approach should be to accept that we have a very acute crisis of credibility that has to be addressed urgently. Pakistan cannot afford to ignore the recent report of the Transparency International. We just cannot protect these few corrupt individuals, irrespective of their political affiliations or positions in civil or khaki establishment. It is not only a problem of perception but a reality that is staring in our face, a malignant cancer that is eating at our very vitals. The nations meager resources are being pilfered without any shame, remorse or fear of accountability. Individuals imprisoned for corruption, without getting themselves cleared of these charges from the superior judiciary, are being honoured as if they were prisoners of conscience like Nelson Mandela or Aung San Sui Kyi. The unconstitutional blanket waivers being issued now exempt these criminals from any further judicial accountability. The country has suffered terminally because of rampant corruption by the civil and khaki bureaucracy during the past 9 years under Musharraf. That is why people voted for change. That, unfortunately, is not visible. With the exception of a few, virtually all ministers have been tainted with scandals of one kind or the other. PPPs desire to grant 'jobs for the boys in the over-employed, sick public sector corporations like the Pakistan Steel Mills, PIA, TCP, State Bank etc, in violation of all rules, is having a disastrous impact on the finances of the state. The state, meanwhile, has failed to address the issues most important to survival of the ragged poor. The inflation has hit them hard but their government has chosen to side with the powerful cartels rather than them. It is an endless list of indefensible follies that have eroded the credibility of the regime. -NASIR. K, Peshawar, September 24.