ISLAMABAD - Ministry of Water and Power has forwarded a summary to the prime minister asking to raise power tariff by six percent to be implemented from October 1, sources told TheNation. The sources said that the public already burdened by inflationary prices of every consumer item should now be ready for another financial attack by the government that would make their life even more miserable. The sources said that the prices of electricity are already too high. Moreover it is not the only and final increase for the near future, because there are two more phases of tariff increase scheduled in January and April 2009. The summary sent to Prime Minister is just a formality and it is most likely to be approved by him, the sources said. The tariff increase is a must as it is not a decision taken by the Pakistani government but it is being done on the directive of International Monetary Fund that nowadays can be considered the final authority in every financial decision the country takes. Only the lifeline consumers utilising up to 50 units would be excluded from the affect of the raise in power tariff. Electricity price would be raised by 30 percent in total within next few months. Power tariff would be raised by 12 percent in January and 6 percent in April, sources said. Apart from the IMF, World Bank and Asian Development Bank are also the major actors finalising and directing the government to increase power tariff. It is also pertinent to mention here that these players have also demanded from the government to withdraw subsidy from power sector. They have allowed the government this year to provide Rs. 55 billion subsidy to power sector against PEPCOs total financial shortfall of Rs.132 billion in one year. The government is following the instruction of all these loan givers, with minor relaxations, but it is paying no heed towards the financial troubles of the public, the sources said. The prices of everything are increasing, but when we see the income sources of the masses, there is no increase, rather a decrease and in that situation only a disaster can be expected and nothing else, sources feared.