In a recent statement, three American Senators, Joe Lieberman (Jewish & a blind supporter of Israel) John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have said that Pakistan would be destablised if Americans are defeated in Afghanistan. The question, though, is that why should Pakistan be destablised in the event of a US defeat and why wouldnt America itself? One fails to understand why American officials issue this kind of demoralizing statements that are poison to the morale of their troops in Afghanistan? Americans should learn from the 37-year civil war in Sri-Lanka. The Lankan fought a foreign-trained terrorist outfit, the LTTE, till the bitter end and won a victory for their nation. Why cant America show the same steely determination in fighting the Taliban? Why cant the American high officials and Generals shut their mouths rather than issuing statements that break the will of the US forces? -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, September 22.