THE Indian leadership has continued with its aggressive posturing against Pakistan in the US, where Indian premier, Manmohan Singh, declared that India would only normalise relations with Pakistan after the latter altered what he saw as a mindset of using terror as an instrument of state policy against New Delhi. Coming from an Indian leader, this comment is rather ironical, given how India has been using state terrorism against the Kashmiri people for over sixty years in Occupied Kashmir. Generation after generation of Kashmiris have lost their lives to Indian state terrorism through its military and paramilitary forces. Indian forces have used torture and rape as weapons of war against Kashmiri women and youth, who have been brutalised by the Indian occupiers. So if anyone has a mindset of using terror at the level of the state, it is the successive Indian leaders, who continue with their occupation of Kashmir, in defiance of UN resolutions and international law. As the Pakistani leadership has continued to reiterate, including President Zardari in his latest remarks on Kashmir in New York, unless there is a just resolution of the Kashmir dispute, there will be little stability in South Asia. Nor is it just in Occupied Kashmir that the Indians have used state terrorism. They have sought to provide succour and sanctuary to terrorists active in Pakistans Balochistan province and FATA, through Afghanistan. Using its diplomats as part of this plan reveals the complicity of the Indian state apparatus in spreading terrorism across borders. As for the demand for action regarding the Mumbai blasts, the government of Pakistan has gone out of its way to accommodate the Indians but has found little cooperation from the Indian authorities who have been fudging the issue of giving substantive evidence. It seems India is more interested in making political mileage out of the Mumbai incident than in bringing about closure through hard evidence on which the Pakistani authorities can proceed to conclude the case. Even more questionable has been the Indian authorities refusal to move ahead and punish the guilty, who have been identified, in the case of the Samjhota Express blast in which primarily innocent Pakistani citizens were killed on Indian soil. As for Manmohans latest outburst, it seems intended specifically to up the ante against renewal of dialogue. It is time Pakistan stopped showing it was in a hurry to resume what has so far been a fairly meaningless dialogue in terms of conflict resolution. After all things need to change and for that there has to first be a change in the Indian mindset of using terrorism as a normal tool of state policy.