KARACHI - The inquiry tribunal headed by District and Sessions Judge (South) Faheem Ahmed Siddiqui on Saturday recorded the statements of Town Nazim and UC Nazim over the incident of death of 18 women and children in Ramazan during the distribution of free ration at Khori Garden. The tribunal summoned the eyewitnesses on the 28th of September. Town Nazim Saddar Dilawar Khan and UC Nazim Safeer Allah Raka appeared before the tribunal where the Town Nazim informed that the philanthropist Chaudhry Haji Iftikhar did not take permission from the town administration for distributing free flour among the poor. He added that he learnt about the incident through news TV channels, later he went to see the place where the incident occurred. Dilawar Khan further said that he had consulted area people about the incident who told that the reason of the incident was overcrowding of the needy women and children as the place of exit and entrance was the same and very narrow. Similarly, UC Nazim stated before the tribunal that he had informed the other higher officials and peoples representatives as soon as he was informed about the incident. Moreover he along with other people started taking victims to the hospital for first aid. The UC Nazim said that the rich people of Memon Community, who used to do charity, had moved away from the area, so the rush of needy women increased at the place of Haji Iftikhar, therefore, the overcrowd resulted in the tragic incident. The tribunal also asked the volunteers and eyewitnesses including Abdul Majeed, Mohammad Hanif, Mohammad Saeed, Mohammad Ramzan and Mohammad Alam to appear before the tribunal to submit their statements on Monday. It is worth mentioning that the tribunal head on 17 September had visited the spot, while the inquiry tribunal was formed on the direction of Sindh government to probe the incident. For this purpose, the tribunal head had visited the area where he recorded the statements of the philanthropist Chaudhry Haji Iftikhar and his cousin Abdul Aziz besides the volunteers who were distributing free ration. Chaudhry Iftikhar submitted before the tribunal that he had been distributing free ration among the needy people in Ramazan for the last twenty-five years, and such sad incident never happened since then. He said the cause of incident was scuffling among the women for the ration tokens, adding that he will pay the compensations to the families of the victims. He stated that form next year he will distribute ration with the help of the concerned government department.