LAHORE - Pakistan Lawyers Forum (PLF) has served a legal notice on President Asif Ali Zardari asking him to surrender the office of co-chairperson of Pakistan Peoples Party which it says that he (President Zardari) was holding in violation of the constitution. Addressing a press conference here Saturday PLF President AK Dogar said Zardari was holding the office of PPP Co-Chairman simultaneously with the office of President of Pakistan, which was a blatant violation of article 41(1) of the constitution. The said article says: There shall be a President of Pakistan who shall be the Head of State and shall represent the unity of the Republic. Dogar said President Zardari is the head of the state and not the head of the government and representative of the unity of the republic. The legal notice cites a judgment of Supreme Court of Pakistan in the case of Nawaz Sharif vs President of Pakistan (1993) in which the court had held that Now, the President as the symbol of the unity of the Federation is entitled to the highest respect and esteem by all the functionaries of the State. But it is equally true that this respect and esteem will be forthcoming if he conducts himself with utmost impartiality and neutrality, he keep himself entirely aloof from party politics and does not give the impression to any one that he is siding with one faction or working against the other. The lawyer said the SC has laid down that holder of the office of the President would be non-partisan therefore in the interest of protecting dignity of the office Zardari is required to maintain the image of a neutral person possible if he hold one office. He said that he collected number of documents and press clippings to prove that the President House was functioning as the Head Office of PPP. The notice sent through PLFs Secretary General Syed Feroze Shah Gillani demanded of the President Asif Zardari to surrender the office of PPP Co-chairman within 15 days from the receipt of the notice failing which the Forum would file a petition under article 184 (3) of the constitution before Supreme Court of Pakistan. To a question AK Dogar said there was no political motive behind the legal notice but he wanted the enforcement of provisions of the constitution through public interest litigation. Open Kutchery Inspector General of Punjab Police Tariq Saleem Dogar will hold an open Kutchery in the office of District Police Officer (DPO) Sheikhupura here tomorrow (Monday) afternoon. He will listen to the complaints of people regarding police. IG will also preside over a meeting of police officers of District Sheikhupura, in which he will review the crime and Law and order situation in this district.