On Thursday last, three different events together marked a major shift of Western strategy towards Pakistan. The Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FoDP) met in New York pledging to provide political and economic stability to Pakistan as centre stage for peace in the region. The US and the World Bank also announced that with the firm commitment of the FoDP a Multi Donor Trust Funds (MDTF) shall be established without delay to improve the infrastructure and living standard of the people in the war affected areas. President Obama announced that the US Senate had unanimously approved the Kerry -Lugar Bill authorising $1.5 billion annually for the next five years in economic assistance for Pakistan, almost tripling the present US aid. PM Brown also committed 50 million pounds in aid for FATA stating that sustained financial support for Pakistans economic development and prosperity was a prerequisite for winning the War on Terror. Finally, the first summit of the Friends of Democratic Pakistan committed to fulfil the outstanding pledges made at Tokyo by assuring payment to MDTF a combined amount of $2 billion to clear the FoDP arrears. According to the US administration, the accumulated effect and sum total of the FoDP summit amounts to a Mini Marshal Plan for Pakistan demanded by Islamabad on the lines of the historic Mini Marshal Plan launched for the economic reconstruction of France after World War II. Obama has made a fresh start urging peace to be given a chance in South Asia and Pakistan welcomes his new Mini Marshal Plan for Pakistan provided it is not at the cost of Pakistans dignity, independence and sovereignty. Whereas President Zardari during his address to the UN General Assembly emphasised that the international community should do more for Pakistan, especially the terrorist hit areas along the Afghanistan border. However, the world must understand that a just solution of the core issue of Kashmir is necessary for durable peace in South Asia. President Zardari in this connection stressed the urgency of major powers to use their influence on India to resume the composite dialogue with Pakistan at the earliest to resolve this issue, stating that while Pakistan was doing all that was possible, the international community needs to do more for permanent peace in our region. And for this, he said, it was vital to redress poverty and even more important adopt all measure to eradiate illiteracy for which the present resources were inadequate. Pakistan has already almost exhausted all possible resources of its own in the war against terror. Zardari demanded the refund of 100 billion dollars to cover Pakistans past arrears. This is a just demand needing urgent consideration of the FoDP and other friendly countries, now focusing on socio-economic reforms in Pakistan through the present Mini Marshal Plan, which has been widely appreciated by the people of Pakistan, who hope that no strings are attached to it. The writer is the president of the Pakistan National Forum.