WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Navy Admiral Mike Mullen won Senate confirmation on Friday for a second, two-year term as chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, the most senior officer in the US military. First appointed to the post during the Bush administration, Mullen spent much of his first term focused on Pakistan but recently has been paying more attention to Afghanistan. He was reappointed to his position by President Barack Obama. Testifying before Congress earlier this month, Mullen said more US troops will likely be needed in Afghanistan - beyond the 68,000 who will have already deployed there. Mullen said he felt a sense of urgency about the war but pleaded for patience as scepticism about it grows among members of Congress, especially in President Barack Obamas Democratic Party, and the American public. Obama is under pressure from those who favour sending in more troops, as well as from those who oppose doing so. He has not yet announced what he will do.