Irans nuclear tension with the US is showing no signs of easing off. The Obama Administrations approach has now started to reek of the Bush regimes designs of cowing down Iran with arrogant utterances. Although phraseology like the Axis of Evil has been given up, it is quite disturbing to see President Obama taking the path of confrontation in his address at the UN General Assembly. He made no bones about keeping all options open, disappointing all those who were looking for a change he had promised. As things stand, Iran is well within its rights to pursue a peaceful nuclear programme under the NPT. The disclosure by Iran of another enrichment plant should not alarm the world since it is geared to peaceful purposes only. However, it appears it is being penalized for being a Muslim country that has refused to bow before US hegemonic intentions. Ironically, on the other side of the spectrum, we have Israel with its massive nuclear arsenal loaded on sophisticated ballistic missile systems about which the US does not even say a word. The Obama Administration must have a rethink on its Iran policy. One hopes good sense will prevail. Sticking to dialogue and interaction is more likely to pay dividends than an aggressor posture.