KARACHI - The opposition in the City Council meeting held on Saturday raised their concern over the rumours regarding the handing over of the citys historical garden to the private sector. The city council session was presided over by senior presiding officer Masood Mehmood, in absence of naib city nazim Nasreen Jalil. On Saturday, when session was started the opposition leader Rafiq Ahmed said that it was come into the knowledge of the opposition benches that the famous and historical garden of the city Baradarri is being sold out to private sector. He said city council members would be informed that it is truth that the Baradarri is being sold out or not. The city council after observing that the increase in the rates of status of land use was a wrong decision, also unanimously approved a resolution to reverse the rates according to the old ones. Rafiq Ahmed said that citizens are already depriving the parks and playgrounds due to massive encroachment and even amenity plots are being encroached upon by land mafia. He said that Baradarri is a beautiful garden and having historical background and opposition members worried about its status, thus, they wanted to be informed its current status. The convenor of the house Masood Mehmood, said that he too not know the fact about the Baradarri, and chairman works committee of city government can describe better on this issue. The chairman works committee was not present in the city council session, on which Masood Mehmood asked Rafiq Ahmed that he submitted the questions and other details what he wanted pertaining about the status of Bardarri, the answers would be given to him. Treasury member Absar-ul-Hasan tabled a resolution about the revised rates of change of land use. He said that it is observed that when rates of change of land of use was increased at that time a boom was running in the property, but latter a devastating recession hit globally and its effect also felt in the Pakistan due to which severe financial losses observed in various sector and property and construction industry most effected. The city government also suffer in the collection of fees of change of land use as citizens stopped the practice of submitted the increase charges of change of land use due to prevailing financial crisis. Mr Hasan said that after observing the poor response of common citizens and feeling the on going financial crisis it was decided that rates of change of land use to be decreased and revised according to the old rates which was announced in 2004. Opposition member Abdul Razaq alleged that builders mafia is trying to use the city council to run their business but we did not make the part of their any move which would against in the interest of common citizens. The opposition members urged that the rates of change of land of use to be set keeping in view the condition of those residents who lives Katchi Abadies. Later after some amendments given by the opposition members in the presented resolution, it was approved unanimously.