NEW YORK - Ahead of Sundays talks between Pakistani and Indian foreign ministers, a top Pakistani diplomat has said that relations should not be held hostage to one trial or investigation and New Delhi should realise that Pakistan has done to probe Mumbai attacks. However, Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir said Saturdays meeting helped the two South Asian countries to understand their respective perspectives. Pakistan has nothing to hide on Mumbai investigation, he told newsmen after holding talks with his Indian counterpart for more than two hours. It is now time that India recognise, which they have, that Pakistan has done what was required. The question is how do we move beyond this point. The relationship cannot be brought to a standstill because of one trial or one investigation. He said Pakistan had been the biggest victim of terrorism in the region, but, commenting on Indias repeated attempts to portray herself as a victim, noted, playing the victim does not help really. We are confident that todays meeting has helped us to understand our respective perspectives, he added. He reaffirmed Pakistans resolve to work for peace and security in the region The two sides, Bashir said, touched on a range of issues including Islamabads concerns on water issues.