LAHORE - The private medical colleges have again defied the orders of the chief minister Punjab by taking entry test in their respective colleges before that of University of Health Sciences (UHS). There is no justification of any exam for the affiliated medical colleges, both public and private in presence of specified admission process. However, each private medical college has fixed the dates for the entry test. In this way, they are not only defying the talents of the students but also exploiting and extorting money from them. These institutions collect millions of rupees through selling the prospectuses and entry test fee. For example, they charge Rs 1,000 to 1,500 for a single prospectus and Rs 1800 to 2,500 as entry test fee. Thus, each candidate has to bear an expenditure of Rs 3,000 to Rs 4000. There are 16 private medical colleges in Punjab, including Islamabad, and thousands of students apply for admission in these colleges. Many students apply to two or more colleges and they have to travel from one college to another for entry test, which are often scheduled on the same day or successive dates, thus making the candidates just a rolling stone. One can imagine the amount of money being 'generated by these medical colleges. But the matter does not end with money minting only, as the most talented young aspirants are humiliated and tortured through such tactics. There is also no set formula of admission and tuition fee, miscellaneous expenditures, examination fee and hostel fee. For example, one medical college charge Rs 5,000 admission while the other charge Rs 15,000. A private medical college is charging an annual fee of Rs 0.35 million while the other is collecting Rs 495000. It goes on and on as a college has miscellaneous fee of Rs 2000, another Rs 20,000 and while yet another can be differentiated for the hefty amount of Rs 2,00,000. As compared to other programmes of the private universities/colleges, the medical programmes admission, security, annual and examination fees are almost double. For example, Rs 10,000 is admission fee for other programmes but in case of medical education it is Rs 50,000 to Rs 80,000 along with the security fee of Rs 15,000 in general programmes and Rs 30,000 in medical programmes. Similarly the annual fee difference is Rs 0.26 million to 0.3 million. Meanwhile, Dr Sajid Mehmood, an eye surgeon at Zia Eye and General Clinic Ghanian Road Phalia, has demanded the government to immediately ban the entry test of private medical colleges saying that the FSc and the UHS entry test should be the only criteria for admission. The private medical colleges should have same prospectus and admission forms, as is practice in the government medical colleges, he added. The private medical colleges should be restricted to start their admission, 15 days after the admission at the government institutions. He has also called for regulating the admission and tuition fees of the private medical colleges while uniformity must be introduced in all the other charges under various heads.