ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Water and Power, Raja Pervez Ashraf has served a legal notice of defamation of Rs. 1 billion on PML (Q) MNA, Faisal Saleh Hayat for presenting wrong figures on rental power projects tariff and various false and baseless allegations on him. Faisal, in response, has said that he welcomes the legal notice served by Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and he is ready for the fight with more solid proofs against the minister and his family as well. He also said that he was amazed why Raja delayed serving this notice to him for so long; and he further said that now when the Minster has sent him the notice, he should be well prepared to fight his case because the minister would have to face the music in terms of solid proofs against him to be presented in the court of law In the legal notice served through Barrister Khaleeq-u-Zaman, the minister for Water and Power has asked Faisal Saleh Hayat, who had accused him several times for taking kickbacks in rental power projects to tender a proper and unconditional apology within 14 days of the issuance of the notice, otherwise a defamation civil suit for damages of Rs. 1 billion under the Defamation Ordinance, 2002 will be filed against them in the court of law. Faisal Saleh Hayat jubilantly responded, He, the minister should have claimed damages in dollars as I have been accusing him and I still do, that he received kickbacks in dollars. As per official statement, the Minister has also served separate legal notices of defamation of Rs. 1 billion to the Editor and a reporter of an English daily The News for publishing damaging news against him on September, 6, 2009. In the notice to Faisal Saleh Hayat, it is stated That, at various times and at various places and through various means, as hereinafter set out, you have made malicious and false statements and representations, both orally and in writing, knowing them to be false or not caring or being reckless as to whether they be true or false and intending that the same be published, that our Client has, either alone or in concert with others, made unlawful financial gain from permissions to set up rental power projects in Pakistan and that he has lied with respect to the total tariff sanctioned by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority for one of the rental power projects, namely Independent Power Limited. These malicious and false statements and representations have injured the reputation of our Client, have lowered him in the estimation of others and have reduced him to ridicule, unjust criticism, dislike, contempt and hatred. That despite the record of the competent legal authority conclusively establishing the fact and subsequent confirmation having been issued by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority that approved tariff for Independent Power limited was U.S. Cents 15.99 and not U.S. Cents 18.17 you have continued to repeat the false and unsupported statements and representations intending that they be published in the press and electronic media That, in view of your past conduct as a defector from the Pakistan Peoples Party after having been elected on its ticket and with respect to your alleged involvement in the Jeona Textile Mills scam and the subsequent National Accountability Bureaus reference against in this regard, it is not expected by our Client that you would honour your commitment to resign from the National Assembly if you stance on the power tariff sanctioned for the Independent Power Limited were shown to be false, said the notice. Faisal Saleh Hayat, while responding to the issuance of notice, has also said, Raja Pervaiz has fired the first shot and he should be prepared to face the final shot and he would not be able to play that shot. He further said Ever since I have been involved in the rental scam, I have been flooded with information and accusations against the minister and members of his family allegedly involved in corruption in many other departments of his ministry apart from the rental projects. Faisal also said that the minister should now be prepared to face accountability for misleading the people of Pakistan and subjecting them to the worst of miseries through unabated and uncalled load shedding. It is enough evidence to prove Raja as incompetent that he promised the people of Pakistan load shedding-free Sehr and Iftar during Ramadan but he could not, Faisal said. He also claimed that his campaign against Raja did not have any political motives but was lanched to secure the rights of People of Pakistan. He insisted that rather he should ask the minister to apologise from the masses of the country for deceiving them and creating troubles for the countrymen. I dont need to resign but the minister might be needing that as safe passage, Faisal said.