ISLAMABAD - The prices of sugar are still rising, as it was sold at Rs 48.37 per kilogram in the week ended on Thursday last registering an increase of 0.39 per cent in a period of seven days. The prevailing sugar crisis in the country is continuously pushing up the prices of the commodity. According to official figures, sugar price stood at Rs 48.37 per kilogram during the last week but the market survey in the federal capital suggested that the aforementioned quantity of the commodity was being sold from Rs 52 to Rs 55. On the other hand, sugar is still being sold at Rs 47 per kilogram in different cities of Punjab despite Lahore High Courts decision that fixed the retail price of the commodity at Rs 40 per kilogram in the province. Meanwhile, inflation based on Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) enhanced by 10.20 per cent in the week ended on September 24, over the same period of last financial year, mainly due to increase in prices of basic kitchen items. According to the official figures released by Federal Bureau of Statistics on Saturday, SPI based inflation for all income groups had surged by 10.20 per cent in the week ended on Thursday last against the same period of last year while it enhanced by 0.72 per cent on weekly basis. The SPI for the poor class of the society (income group up to Rs 3,000) shot up by 0.62 per cent on weekly basis while it increased by 10.53 per cent on yearly basis. For the second lowest income group (Rs 5,000 per month) the SPI on yearly basis soared by 11.44 per cent and the income group of up to Rs 12,000 per month saw a price hike of 11.55 per cent. On yearly basis, the inflation accelerated by 8.76 per cent for the highest income group of above Rs 12,000. On weekly basis, it surged by 0.67 per cent for the same group. Prices of following goods increased both on yearly and weekly basis. On yearly basis, the goods witnessing growth include tomatoes, 88.47 per cent, chicken, 27.39 per cent, potatoes, 10.91 per cent, onions, 5.94 per cent, eggs, 15.78 per cent, beef, 20.78 per cent, mutton, 17.01 per cent, garlic, 133.82 per cent, wheat flour, 20.39 per cent, salt, 15.80 per cent, sugar, 41.68 per cent, firewood, 10.88 per cent, mash pulse washed, 44.82 per cent, wheat, 13.21 per cent, and moong pulse washed, 4.81 per cent. Meanwhile, prices of the following items did not show any change on weekly basis, however the increase on yearly basis are; bread plain, 12.64 per cent, milk fresh, 16.71 per cent, powdered milk, 11.68 per cent, tea packet, 11.70 per cent, tea prepared, 13.95 per cent, cooked beef plate, 10.91 per cent, cooked dal plate, 6.91 per cent, cigarettes k-2, 12.61 per cent, and coarse lattha, 3.61 per cent.