NEW YORK-Pakistans concerns over restrictions in the recently passed Kerry-Lugar aid bill have been addressed to a great extent and now the two countries are in for a mutually beneficial strategic partnership, a top Pakistani official said Saturday. 'Our foreign office conveyed the Pakistani position clearly on some unacceptable conditions proposed earlier, and we are satisfied that those have been accommodated, spokesman to the President and former Senator Farhatullah Babar told reporters while responding to questions. Babar, who was briefing on the highlights of President Zardaris six-day visit to New York, said the most controversial condition in the earlier version sought US access to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan for determining the extent of his proliferation activities. The adopted bill has no explicit mention of any Pakistani, he said, pointing out that it requires Islamabads cooperation on getting any new information in this regard. The Kerry-Lugar bill would triple economic assistance to Pakistan, with an input of dollars 1.5 billion annually over a period of five years, extendable to another five years. Babar pointed out that the measure represented a long-term commitment on part of the United States to Pakistan, something which Washington has not done in favour of any country in recent history. The legislation, which is expected to be signed into law soon, is aimed at strengthening civilian institutions in addition to providing aid for the development projects. The spokesman recalled a dramatic moment during the FoDP meeting just when President Zardari was underscoring Pakistans political and economic stability as the best hope against militancy. At that very moment came President Barack Obamas announcement about the passage of the Kerry-Lugar bill, which was greeted with long applause. The spokesman said that President Zardaris visit had won unprecedented strategic support for Pakistan coupled with boosting the confidence of the countrys democratic set up. Another feature of the visit was setting up of the multi-donors and multi-billion trust fund that is exclusively devoted to providing sustained financial support to the affected areas like FATA. 'We believe the fund will provide financial grist to the ideological declarations of the PPP for the reformation of the tribal areas, he pleaded. The spokesman cited the commitment of 50 million pounds for under-developed Tribal Areas bordering Afghanistan. In this connection, he recalled Benazir Bhuttos words before her assassination that the tribal areas was 'putrid dish of international terrorism, saying her assessment has turned out to be true. On the eve of the independence day this year, President Zardari had also announced far reaching political reforms in the tribal areas to reclaim the 'Putrid dish of international terrorism, he added. 'Massive and unprecedented strategic support to Pakistan during the visit has enhanced the confidence of the democratic forces and raised hopes in the future on the one hand and served as a serious blow to the anti-democracy forces and backers of militants on the other, Babar added. The President held a series of political and economic meetings that led to opening doors for launching new initiatives for economic revival in Pakistan. He also delivered a keynote address at a ceremony where Ms Benazir Bhutto was posthumously awarded - a leadership award by a prestigious American foundation. In addition, he met former US President Bill Clinton, took part in the Clinton Global Initiative, held discussions with UN Commission looking into Benazir Bhuttos assassination, besides addressing leaders of countries contributing to UN peacekeeping missions. Turning to another achievement, the spokesperson said during meeting with President Zardari, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told that an Energy Coordinator has been appointed at the State Department to assist Pakistan in the implementation of energy projects. The newly appointed energy coordinator will visit Pakistan by the end of next month to hold discussions for helping Pakistan in energy projects. Other achievements of the visit that Babar cited were a pledge of dollars 114 million by the Dutch Prime Minister, 140 agricultural scholarships announced by Australian Prime Minister for Pakistani students and Special Funds set up by two international financial institutions; one by the Asian Development Bank for energy projects and the second by the World Bank for other economic projects. The spokesperson said that one of the visits achievements was also that the projects receiving US aid flow, will have the endorsement and approval by the govt of Pakistan, meeting a long-standing position of the country, he stated. In addition, Pakistan reaped the gains on the fringes of the UNGA moot including bilateral meetings with President of Iran, Prime Ministers of Netherlands, Turkey and Australia, Secretary General of NATO, Foreign minister of UAE and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. President Asif Ali Zardari is scheduled to proceed to Rome on Sunday to hold meetings with Italian leaders before returning to Pakistan.