ISLAMABAD A man was found dead under mysterious circumstances in a guesthouse here on Friday, police said it seems that man was poisoned and subsequently strangulated to death. According to police, an unidentified man, in his mid 30s, was found dead in Alis Guesthouse, G-9/4. Police said that man was first poisoned and then strangulated to death. Sub Inspector of Margalla Police Station, Arshad Abro, who is investigating into the case, said that police were informed by the Guesthouse administration that a dead body was lying in a room of their Guesthouse and it seemed the man was murdered by someone. Upon this, police team rushed to the scene and found a mans dead body, which was lying under the bed. Police said that mans both hands were tied up with his belt. It would be premature to say anything about the real cause of death and autopsy report would determine the real cause, however, it is clear that man was given poison, as his entire body turned blue, which suggests that he might have been poisoned to death. Some marks of injuries on neck of him also showed that he might have been strangulated as well. To a query, the IO said that manger of Guesthouse, Khurram Abbasi, who had informed police about the dead body was being questioned about the killing. I have nothing to do with murder as one Athisham Ali on Friday got reserved some rooms in guesthouse as saying his family would come there. And on Sunday, when we smelled something coming out from one of rooms of the guesthouse we searched it and we found the dead body, police quoted Khurram as saying. Circumstantial evidence suggests the killer was helped by a team and he could not have succeeded in his mission alone, police said. When IO was asked motives behind the killing said, It will be premature to say anything with certainty. On late, Margalla Police registered an FIR under Section 302 against unidentified killers and started efforts to hint down the killer.