ISLAMABAD (APP) - Prolonged loadshedding continues across the country as shortfall has reached 6,000MW. Urban areas are facing up to 14-hour loadshedding while rural areas are spending 20 hours without electricity. According to the briefing on daily power generation and load management, the total power generation was recorded at 12,600MW against the demand of 18,544MW during the last 24 hours. The hydel generation reached 5,995MW, Wapda thermal 1,256MW, IPPs 5,205MW and RPPs 144MW while 720MW was supplied to the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC). The Tarbela and Mangla dams had attained their maximum conservation level of 1,550 feet and 1,210 feet respectively. However, a private TV channel quoted sources in Pepco as saying that power generation hit 12,000MW while the demand reached 18,000MW. The sources added that power plants were producing 20 per cent of total power generation while the PSO had suspended oil supply to power plants due to non-payment. Due to shortfall, the loadshedding has been increased, adding to the miseries of the people across the country.