Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to bring to the notice of any honest Police Official working in the country to look into the affairs of Thana Sadar, Lalamusa, falling under the Jurisdiction District Gujrat, whose staff has been "bought" by a local scoundrel who with the help of his 20 gunmen is grabbing and destroying the property of villagers with impunity. The undersigned has submitted an application in the said Thana (Police Station) for the last fifteen days but the staff of the police station has failed to register the FIR despite my repeated visits. I would like to request the relevant police authorities to look into the matter and award exemplary punishment to the police officials who are providing protection to such criminal elements. I hope that seeking Justice in this case is not asking too much from our Police force. DR. IRFAN ZAFAR, Islamabad, September 25.