As per reports, Pakistan Still Mills (PSM) has asked for Rs 12 billion bailout package for its revival. At present it has become a loss-making company. While its losses are more than Rs 120 billion it is producing only 18% of its total capacity. The economic situation of the country is getting bleak day by day due to poor governance and corruption. Will this bailout money take the PSM on the road to progress? Of course not? As is happening in other departments, this amount will also be wasted because pouring into bottomless pits never yield results. The progress is achieved by following policies ruthlessly without self and party interests and keeping the national interests supreme. Here we are seeing the race for ruining the national institutions. Examples of Railway, PIA, WAPDA, KESC, and Gas companies are a few to be quoted. Our industry has almost crippled due to shortage of electricity, gas and corruption and agriculture is destroyed either by shortage of water or by natural calamities like floods etc. The way forward is making long term policies, keeping the required and only efficient staff and avoiding political interference. Reportedly there are thousands of extra political workers who have been employed in these organisations which explains why they have been going down in the dumps. Political parties must rise above their petty interests and serve the nation for which people have selected them. BILAL SHAHID, Islamabad, September 26.